What We Do.

We provide free LED retrofits to our business partners and share the savings.

You win, we win, the planet wins.

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How it works.

We assess your needs

A licensed associate visits your business to determine which LEDs you’ll need, and how much you can save.

We install free LEDS

We handle and pay for the entire retrofit. All of our lights are EnergyStar certified and installed by a licensed electrician.

We share the savings

After installation is completed, we split the savings based on the reduction in your monthly electricity bill.

How We Calculate Savings

We keep it simple. We take the difference in wattage between the old technology and our LED replacements (ie. replacing a 60w incandescent bulb with a 10w LED) and multiply it by the number of hours the lights are in use each day, and then by your power price.


You're Not Just Saving Money.

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