Frequently Asked Questions:

How do we calculate savings?

We keep it simple. We take the difference in wattage between the old technology and our LED replacements (ie. Replacing a 60w incandescent bulb with a 10w LED) and multiply it by the number of hours the lights are in use each day, and then by your power price.

Where do we source our equipment (certification)?

We get all of our equipment from national distributors. All of our bulbs and fixtures are Energy Star or DLC certified and come with 5-year manufacture warranty

Who performs the install?

All of our equipment is installed by licensed and insured electricians. Paperwork is always available upon request.

How does Bright Idea get paid?

At the end of each month you receive a savings report that outlines how much you saved as well as our share. You can then either write us a check or pay online.

What happens after agreement ends?

After the period of shared savings ends, the lights and all of the associated savings are yours to keep! 

What happens if a bulb breaks?

All of our bulbs and fixtures come with 5-year manufacture warranty so any defects are covered. However, if the lights are damaged due to accident or negligence it’s up to you to replace them. It’s the same policy if your company were to lease a car.

What about rebates?

We handle the entire rebate process for you, start to finish. All of our proposals come with rebates included, so what you see is what you get.

Have additional questions? Send us a message and we'll respond shortly.