A brighter factory.

From factories and warehouses to distribution and shipping centers, better lighting cuts costs and creates a safer workspace. Bright Idea supplies and installs the best technology for you facility without any disruption to production, guaranteed. And since we pay for it and split the savings, there is Zero capital expenditure on your end. Dedicate your time and resources to your enterprise and let us handle the lights. 

Photo by yoh4nn/iStock / Getty Images

Save money without doing a thing

Our industrial partners have seen their lighting energy costs reduced by 75% and floor brightness nearly double by switching to LEDs. Better lighting doesn’t just mean more productive team members, it means a safer and more pleasant workspace.

No more buzzing, no more dead lights

LEDs last 5x longer than traditional lighting, which means less time spent on maintenance and fewer costly shutdowns. Plus, no more ballast means an end to loud, distracting buzzing. Our industrial partners have seen time spent on lighting related maintenance reduced by 95% - freeing up staff to address other concerns and improvements. 

Going Green

Going green doesn’t have to be expensive. Bright Idea is an economic way to reduce your facility's carbon footprint and earn points towards your LEED Green Building Certification. You win, the planet wins. 

Our facility used to feel like a cave and we had a crew member whose full-time job was to change burned out lights. Now the place looks great, we’re saving money, and they paid for everything. It was a no brainer.