Bright lights, safe lots

A well lit parking space means happier customers, and switching to LEDs is a simple way to brighten your lot while also reducing costs.  Bright Idea supplies and installs the best technology for you facility without disrupting your customers, guaranteed. And since we pay for it and split the savings, there is zero capital expenditure on your end. Dedicate your time and resources to your business, and let us handle the lights. 


Save money without doing a thing

Brighter lights that use less power. Our retail partners in parking have seen their lighting energy costs reduced by 75% and floor brightness nearly double by switching to LEDs. Better lighting means a safer, and more appealing space your team members and customers.  

No more buzzing, no more dead lights

LEDs last 5x longer than traditional lighting, which means less maintenance and lower costs. Plus, no more ballast means an end to loud, distracting buzzing. Our industrial partners have seen time spent on lighting related maintenance reduced by 95%. Let your maintenance team focus on improvements - not repairs.

Get Green

Going green doesn’t have to be expensive. Bright Idea is an economic way to reduce your facility's carbon footprint and earn points towards your LEED Green Building Certification. You win, the planet wins.

Photo by 06photo/iStock / Getty Images
Our customers keep commenting on how much better our space looks, and I’m extremely satisfied with the reduction to our power bill. They made it easy, and especially, economic to make the switch.