A better, brighter place to work.

Our commercial partners are always looking to cut costs and improve their tenant spaces, and switching to LEDs is a simple way to do just that. Bright Idea supplies and installs the best technology for you building without disrupting your tenants or altering decor, guranteed. And since we pay for it and split the savings, there is Zero capital expenditure on your end. Dedicate your time and resources to your building, and let us handle the lights. 

Photo by cipella/iStock / Getty Images

It just makes cents...

Brighter lights that use less power. Our commercial partners have seen their lighting energy costs reduced by 50% while being able to customize lighting brightness and color at no additional cost. Better lighting doesn’t just mean lower bills, it means improving the atmosphere of your building and tenant spaces.

Spend Less time changing lights

Lighting is the number-one source of maintenance requests in commercial buildings. With 10x the lifetime of regular bulbs, and no ballast to worry about, LEDs have led to a 95% reduction in the time our commercial partners spend fixing lighting -freeing up their maintenance team to focus on other concerns and improvements.

Get Green

Going green doesn’t have to be expensive. Bright Idea is an economic way to reduce your facility's carbon footprint and earn points towards your LEED Green Building Certification. You win, the planet wins.

Our tenants are thrilled with how the space looks, and we’ve seen such a reduction in our maintenance requests that we’ve been able to focus on improvements rather than just patchwork fixes.